The team of Semizbai-U LLP is a team of professionals, which is a key link and an important resource in achieving the strategic objectives facing the Partnership, the basis of success and the key to its sustainable development in the future.

The Partnership pays special attention to improving the personnel management system, providing employees with professional development opportunities through numerous training programs, career development and social support.

To ensure the quality of personnel, the Partnership implements competitive selection procedures for candidates for vacant positions, which provides equal opportunities for all candidates participating in the competitive selection

The competitive selection procedures involve testing candidates to determine the level of professional knowledge, proficiency in Kazakh/English languages, as well as conducting interviews and interviews with the Competition Commission.

The threshold value for professional knowledge assessment tests should be at least 70% of the correct answers from the total number of questions. Candidates who have successfully passed the stages of testing and competency interviews are allowed to be interviewed by the Competition Commission.

To view the list of vacancies, see the section "New vacancies";

Persons wishing to participate in the competition register on the website , fill out an online resume. Next, they open the vacancy of interest to Semizbai-U LLP (after using the job search) and click "Respond to the vacancy".

The persons participating in the competition provide a resume for no more than one vacancy.

The resume is also accepted:

by e-mail: (with an indication in the subject, for example: "Response to a vacancy...", or "Resume for a position..");

Semizbay-U LLP does not reimburse candidates for expenses related to their participation in the competition. The costs of participation in the competition (travel to the place of testing or interview and back, rental of residential premises, accommodation, use of communication services of all types) are borne by candidates at their own expense.